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What kind of Xano logs can be pushed to ncScale?

With the ncScale x Xano integration, you’re now able to automatically sync your API history logs and task history with ncScale, as well as create custom logs to send to ncScale within your Xano function stacks

How to add Your Xano Log Statements to ncScale

Xano stands out as a robust platform for creating the backbone of your web and mobile applications while seamlessly connecting them to multiple frontends. The recent integration with ncScale brings added convenience to the monitoring and troubleshooting of your APIs.

How to be alerted if Xano endpoint execution time is too long

Xano is a powerful backend builder that allows you to scale your databases and API to other frontends seamlessly. With its new ncScale integration, those APIs are now easier to monitor and troubleshoot. In this article, you can learn more about the advantages of ncScale for Xano users.
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