Zapier Enterprise, Production-grade no-code apps are now a reality

Avr 15, 2024

💥 As a founder, we are always driven by a vision, even if the timing is not always clear. So, when one of the biggest No-code Editors founders like Wade Foster recently announced “Zapier Enterprise” focusing on “Scaling no-code”, “Observability”, and “Monitoring”, it’s super exciting! Production-grade no-code apps are now a reality 💎

🔍 Key Features of Zapier Enterprise:

– Comprehensive analytics for Zap usage.
– Custom alerts for errors in Zaps based on their priority.
– Enhanced security measures.
– Role-based restrictions on apps, triggers, and actions.
– Approval processes for Zap modifications.

Zapier Enterprise isn’t just about new features; it’s a testament to the enduring strength and versatility of no-code solutions. The fact that you can Scale from an MVP to Mission-Critical operations entirely within a no-code environment is a giant leap forward.

🎉 A Shoutout to Wade & Zapier:

A big thank you to Wade and the Zapier team for bolstering the no-code vision. Your commitment to refining and expanding the capabilities of no-code tools is incredibly inspiring.

🔗 ncScale & Our Belief in No-Code for production:

At ncScale, we have always been ardent supporters of the no-code movement. From our inception, we have believed in the power and potential of no-code production-grade apps. They aren’t just a temporary trend; they are here to stay and transform how businesses operate.

Zapier Enterprise is a shining example of this vision coming to life. It underlines our belief that no-code solutions can effectively meet complex, large-scale business needs while remaining user-friendly and accessible.

Let’s celebrate these advancements and continue to push the boundaries of what no-code can achieve!

Benoît de Montecler, CEO of ncScale.