ncScale is co-organizing NoCode Summit 2023 Paris — join us!

ncScale is co-organizing NoCode Summit 2023 Paris — join us!
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Next month, October 10th 2023 will mark the start of the second edition of the NoCode Summit in Paris. This international no-code and low-code event was a massive success last year. Met with a warm welcome by an enthusiast and ambitious community, the NoCode Summit 2023 is expecting 3,000 attendees and promises to be as exciting as its previous edition.

A full scale event

After an acclaimed first edition in September of last year, the NoCode Summit is back again to highlight no-code and low-code technologies in Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world.

With this edition revolving around the use of Artificial Intelligence in the scope of no-code/low-code technologies, ncScale is even more proud, as founding partner and sponsor, to join hands with the SFPN in the organization of the NoCode Summit 2023.

Over the course of two days, on October 10th and 11th 2023, many planned activities will give you the best opportunity to discover or learn what are the latest developments, tools and real-world applications of this technology.

Participate in the NoCode Summit’s no-coders games and no-code hackathon to test your skills and knowledge of no-code and to create innovative solutions. Join gatherings and parties for all attendees to network and build relationships within the no-code community. Meet experts from a variety of industries and backgrounds by attending talks.

ncScale and Alegria Group speaking at the Nocode Summit 2022
ncScale and Alegria Group speaking at the NoCode Summit 2022

Speakers from Glide, Bubble, Make, SmartSuite, Thunkable, Alegria Group, Softr, Xano and more will share their experience and insights for the future of no-code/low-code technologies, as well as their vision for what is to come for no-code and AI.

This year, the NoCode Summit will also welcome, for the first time, another major actor of the no-code scene: Airtable.

Meet ncScale and the makers of no-code

Just like the previous edition, ncScale’s team will be available for the whole duration of the event and will be more than happy to chat with you or answer any questions.

We will also host talks and invite industry key speakers to share their experience and insights when it comes to security, maintainability and scalability in no-code.

Finally, the NoCode Summit will be yet another opportunity for us to share our vision of no-code and its future, as an accessible technology and driving force of business’ growth.

ncScale team at the Nocode Summit 2022 in Paris
ncScale team at the NoCode Summit 2022 in Paris

See you in Paris, Station F for the NoCode Summit 2023

About the NoCode Summit

The NoCode Summit is the first event fully dedicated to no-code and low-code. Created in 2022 by the SFPN (Syndicat Français des Professionnels du NoCode or French Union of NoCode Professionals), a union representing no-code/low-code professionals in France, their aim is to help no-code develop more quickly. They promote this technology by sharing their know-how and showcasing no-code/low-code as a lever of development in the age of digital transition by assisting democratizing its use.

The NoCode Summit is another opportunity for the SFPN to do just that by gathering, all in Paris, international leading actors of the industry, innovators and entrepreneurs. With more than 3,000 attendees, 1,600 companies and 160 speakers listed, the NoCode Summit became the largest event dedicated to no-code/low-code and the best place to learn from industry experts, discover new tools, network and gain inspiration.

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