ncScale 2.0 is live! 🥳

Jan 4, 2024

Dear developers and no-coders! 
We’re excited to share some big news with you! Thanks to your valuable feedback over the past year – a huge thanks to each of you – we’re thrilled to announce the launch of ncScale 2.0 today!

Let’s dive in! What’s new in ncScale 2.0?

Completely overhauled UI, faster and simpler than ever

Powerful Monitoring right at your fingertips

Log Management

New powerful Search Engine SQL based.

It lets you include both AND and OR conditions in a single query, and much, much more. 

We also provide you with a powerful autocomplete system, based on any key that’s present, in all your logs. Why waste time writing complicated queries, if all you have to do is type in your keys? We keep the more complicated part out of your way. Feeling restricted? There’s no reason to. If you want to write complex queries, you’re free to do so as well!

Simple Creation of Views and Alerts

Effortlessly convert a query into a view or an alert right within your search, easily with a single click.


Feeling stressed about leaking some sensitive data? Fear not, there’s really no reason to anymore.
You can now obfuscate sensitive data in your logs, like token, IP addresses, email, or any other information that you deem sensitive, and keep full control over your own data.


Now imagine, we could automatically link your logs to the corresponding asset when we ingest them. Sounds pretty cool right? Well, that’s actually what we do. Now you don’t even have to worry about attributing logs to the correct person in your team, as long as that’s already set up on your asset, that’s automatically done. There’s much more possibilities, such as tags, priority and ownership.

Push custom logs with the brand new ncScale API

ncScale doesn’t support your tool yet, or you need something more tailored to your needs?
We’ve got you covered, with a simple API call, you can ingest logs from any source, with your own customized data.


Pattern Recognition suggestions

ncScale suggests the most common valuable alerts based on your stack. You feel like an important template is missing? We’re always listening, give us your ideas on our Slack.

Customize Alert Output

Incorporate any specific key from your logs directly into the notification sent to your different channels. Communicate with anyone in your team, regardless of their technical level, we let you format your own message, and decide how you address anyone in your organization.

Set Alert Thresholds

Don’t want to be bothered by a single alert due to a false positive or an isolated one-time issue? You can easily set up a threshold, so you only get notified when it really matters.


Stack Synchronization

To be sure that we never synchronize your stack at the wrong timing, the process is now only manual, and you’re the one taking decisions now. That way, we also won’t throttle your tool’s API or trigger your rate limits.

Automatic Dependency Detection

Do you need to know where your points of failure are located in your stack ? Of course you do. That’s why, during every synchronization, we automatically detect links between your stack assets, so you don’t have to do the frustrating work yourself. However, if we do miss a dependency, you can also manage it yourself manually.

Versioning is back!

Wanna keep a track of the changes in your stack? We do have the magic wand for that!
ncScale stores every version of assets saved by your stack synchronization, so you can easily compare any version, any time, in a snap!

Asset profiling

Tired of searching through an entire confusing website to get all the details concerning a single element? Fear no more!
You can now easily dig into your asset catalog and, in a single click open your asset profile.
With a simple glance, access all the metrics of any asset, and quickly interact with it.
Oh, and you can also document it, if you feel like it.

You thought that was it?

Any data source compatible: ncScale API!

We know a lot of you love API. That’s why ….
We now have a brand new API available, where you can interact with your stack data!

That was a big part of your feedbacks, so we finally did it:
You can now ingest your own custom assets!

If we dig more in depth, what does that exactly mean?
Even if we don’t support your tool, anything can be an asset, be it code, no code, or even your custom in-house built solution.

Keep your stack unified.


We get it, checking how your application is doing can be tricky. Now, with just a glance, see the overall health of your stack. We’ve introduced a new, super-helpful big overview feature!


Easily navigate through your whole stack with our smart deep link system, easily go a single click to the relevant resource from any asset or log. Say goodbye to headaches, painful navigation, and dozens of tabs open at the same time.


Seamlessly collaborate with your team by copying and pasting the link into your browser—it’s that straightforward. To ensure security, the intended user must be a collaborator in your application.

Farewell, Chrome Extension

Say goodbye to our Chrome extension – it’s no longer needed!
We’re heading towards the smoothest user experience, which has been our primary goal.
The extension is still being used for Bubble only, until we get a partner integration.

Tickets Feature Removal

The tickets feature shares a similar destiny with the Chrome extension.
It has been eliminated as it is obsolete with the revamped UI. The Alert view takes its place, and with the convenience of sharing the deep link, the need for the tickets feature has become obsolete.

We’re now officially opening our community to everyone.

Come and join these wonderful advanced (no)coders at 👉 Slack Community and let’s push those boundaries together!

ncScale is now on Product Hunt

We recently launched on Product Hunt!

Your support means the world to us, and if you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been crafting, we would sincerely appreciate it if you could take just a minute to share your thoughts by leaving a review. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us in our ongoing journey to enhance your experience.

ncScale 2.0 - Datadog for No-Code, 1-click Monitoring for No-Code stack! | Product Hunt

Thank you for being part of our community!

Cheers from the ncScale team,
Antoine, Clément, Anthony, Thibault, Kevin and Benoît