How Murfy streamlined no-code Documentation and Collaboration with ncScale

Déc 29, 2023

Murfy, a company immersed in no-code solutions for four years across various business units, encountered a documentation challenge. Their existing infrastructure, developed by different individuals, posed difficulties as some contributors had left the company. To overcome this hurdle and foster the use of no-code within their product team, Murfy chose ncScale: using this solution provides an ideal way to write documentation and gain visibility into their entire no-code stack.

“My “Wow” effect comes from having the ability to analyze dependencies and describe the infrastructure in a very detailed manner.”

Walid François Nouh, Product Builder, Murfy

Addressing Documentation Challenges

Upon the arrival of their first dedicated no-coder, Murfy immediately recognized the value of ncScale. It became apparent that ncScale was the only solution capable of effectively documenting their extensive no-code infrastructure. By utilizing ncScale, Murfy could regain control over their no-code environment and facilitate better communication between developers and non-technical stakeholders. Aligning the language and practices of no-code with traditional development methodologies, such as monitoring and ticketing, helped bridge the gap and establish no-code as a professional approach within the organization.

Leveraging ncScale for Documentation

Murfy had already begun documenting their no-code stack using Notion, and they were able to provide early insights to ncScale regarding their architectural challenges. This collaboration allowed ncScale to evolve and cater to Murfy’s specific needs. With ncScale, Murfy centralized access to their documentation and implemented automated tagging and No-code items inventory management features. They successfully automated inventory processes and reestablished clear definitions of applications and processes, thus enabling fine-grained modeling of each no-code application. This complemented their documentation in Notion with technical details, providing a holistic view of their entire no-code ecosystem.

Enhanced Collaboration and Alerting

Murfy fostered better collaboration across technical and non-technical teams through ncScale. Technical team members utilized ncScale to document n8n workflows, easily verifying dependencies between tools. Centralizing all infrastructure changes in ncScale made it the authoritative source for internal no-code documentation, simplifying reference for technical colleagues. The platform also streamlined alerting processes, allowing the implementation of rules and procedures to direct specific application-related data to relevant stakeholders. This centralized approach eliminated the need for universal tool access, ensuring efficient communication through a unified platform.

Achieving a Comprehensive View of the Infrastructure

Murfy benefited significantly from ncScale’s capacity to deeply analyze dependencies and intricately document their infrastructure. This allowed them to link elements to internal documentation, including design choices and rationales behind specific tool and workflow selections. Through ncScale, anyone with technical knowledge could delve into the platform, obtaining detailed insights into how tables or components were utilized across various applications, surpassing the level of detail offered by Notion.

“I’m building a high-quality no-code policy by placing ncScale at the heart of my strategy.”

Walid François Nouh, Product Builder, Murfy


Since using ncScale, Murfy has achieved impressive results, 50% of their documentation and inventory has been transferred to ncScale, using ncScale features, allowing them to have an overview of their no-code infrastructure.The implementation of error tracking across various no-code tools is progressing towards achieving 100% coverage in a single month. 13,000 items have been synchronized across no-code tools.

Why ncScale?

Murfy chose ncScale for its unique ability to document, monitor, and manage their no-code stack. Its developer-friendly approach helped streamline communication within the team, thus professionalizing no-code in the organization.

About Murfy

Murfy, a startup founded in 2018, offers packages from €90, sending a technician to diagnose and repair malfunctioning household appliances. With options ranging from a simple fix to affordable replacement parts or even purchasing a refurbished appliance from them at 20-50% off, Murfy has repaired more than 100,000 devices.