Elevating Your No-Code Experience with Make on ncScale

Jan 29, 2024

As we step into a new year, the horizon is bright with possibilities for enhancing the No-Code experience through ncScale. Elevate your monitoring capabilities for your Make organisations and teams on ncScale through our features!

Easy Connection for Your Make Teams

Seamlessly connect your Make teams with the streamlined process in ncScale. The enhanced connection process ensures simplicity and efficiency with just a few clicks. Manage multiple Make teams effortlessly, fostering a stronger and more stable connection for enhanced collaboration.

Better Make Scenarios Monitoring on ncScale with Assets Catalog

Make monitoring on ncscale - Assets catalogs overview

In the realm of no-code, ncScale introduces an enriched experience, focusing on elevated scenarios through the powerful Assets Catalog feature. This addition takes project management and documentation to new heights.

Efficient Exploration through Assets Catalog

Explore your stack assets effortlessly in one centralized location with the introduction of the Assets Catalog. Navigate through scenarios with speed and ease, gaining comprehensive insights into your infrastructure. Project management becomes a seamless endeavor with this user-friendly feature.

Comprehensive Metadata Customization

Enrich your scenarios by adding detailed metadata through ncScale. The Assets Catalog allows you to include a readme, tags, ownership details, and more, enhancing infrastructure documentation and streamlining collaboration with comprehensive context for your team.

Introducing “Full Text Search” for Precision

The addition of the “Full Text Search” engine enhances the intuitive location of specific elements within your stack. Whether it’s a webhook URL or a database table name, this powerful search feature ensures effortless asset location, saving time and simplifying workflows.

Identify Dependencies for a Deeper Understanding

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your infrastructure with the new “Dependencies” feature. Automatically identify connections within your Make automations and the broader stack linked to your ncScale application. This data aids in identifying and managing dependencies, contributing to an efficient development process.

Streamlined Versioning for Better Control

The Versioning feature makes a user-friendly return, allowing effortless comparison of different automation versions. Track changes and improvements over time for better control and optimization of your no-code projects.

Transform your no-code development journey with the enhanced scenarios offered by the ncScale Assets Catalog. From efficient exploration to detailed metadata and advanced search capabilities, ncScale empowers you to manage your projects with efficiency and precision.

Simple Make Monitoring on ncScale with Log Management

Make monitoring on ncScale - Log management overview

Efficiently monitor your entire infrastructure with the streamlined Log Management feature in ncScale. Elevate your visibility and gain comprehensive insights into project performance with minimal effort.

User-Friendly Log Management

Log Management is designed for simplicity, providing a centralized hub for monitoring everything happening within your Make infrastructure. With a clean and intuitive interface, keeping track of your logs has never been simpler. Spend less time navigating complex systems and more time focusing on your no-code projects.

Introducing a new search engine based on SQL for Log Management. Search and filter your logs effortlessly using familiar SQL queries, even if you’re not an SQL expert. The system includes an auto-completion feature, ensuring a seamless and efficient search experience.

Enhanced Security with Obfuscation

Prioritizing your data’s safety, the Log Management feature now includes a robust Obfuscation system to secure sensitive information. Feel confident that your data is protected while still benefiting from detailed insights into your infrastructure’s activities.

Automatic Metadata Integration for Informative Logs

Connectivity between your Make executions and Make scenarios is more informative than ever. The Log Management feature automatically incorporates additional details based on the metadata you’ve added to your assets, allowing for a more thorough analysis of your project’s performance.

Effortlessly monitor and manage your infrastructure with ncScale Log Management. The combination of an easy-to-use interface, a powerful SQL-based search engine, enhanced security features, and automatic metadata integration makes it a must-have tool for optimizing your no-code projects.

Effortless Troubleshooting with ncScale Alerting

ncScale alerting overview

Empower your no-code journey with seamless troubleshooting using the enhanced Alerting feature in ncScale. Quickly identify and resolve issues within your stack, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted development process.

Simplified Alert Configuration

The revamped Alerting system is designed for simplicity. Configuring alerts is now easier than ever, thanks to the integration of our SQL search engine. Set up alerts effortlessly, tailored to your specific needs, and receive notifications promptly when crucial events occur.

Intuitive SQL-Based Alerting for Intelligent Monitoring

Utilize the power of our SQL search engine to set up intelligent alerts. No need to be an SQL expert – the system assists you with auto-completion, making alert configuration a breeze. Whether it’s monitoring API responses or tracking task completion, our intuitive system ensures you stay informed about what matters most to your projects.

Personalized Alerts for Seamless Workflow Integration

Customize your alerts to fit your workflow seamlessly. Receive notifications only when it truly matters, and tailor them to your preferences. Connect with Slack effortlessly and receive notifications directly in your channels. Stay in control of your project’s health without being overwhelmed by unnecessary alerts thanks to our “Threshold” setup, and decide when it’s necessary to be alerted.

Experience easy troubleshooting and proactive issue resolution with ncScale Alerting. The combination of simplified configuration, an intuitive SQL-based system and fully personalized alerts makes it a valuable tool for enhancing the performance and reliability of your make infrastructure.

ncScale is always striving for innovation, pushing the boundaries of no-code capabilities. As part of our broader vision, we are actively working on new dashboards that will zoom in on individual API or Task performance. This will enable you to swiftly pinpoint and resolve any challenges within your application, ensuring it performs optimally. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!

Monitoring your stack is now super easy with ncScale, so jump on board and start monitoring your infrastructure with ncScale right now!

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