Keep an eyes on your n8n automations

Déc 29, 2023

By using ncScale’s features, you can improve your n8n monitoring, track API performance and receive real-time alerts, ensuring more reliable and scalable automations.

If you’re looking for a quick tutorial to learn how to connect your n8n tool, you can head to this page

Assets Catalog

  • Synchronize your n8n automations to your ncScale application
  • Get the dependencies between your n8n assets and the rest of you stack connected to your ncScale application
  • Use the FullTextSearch feature to search through your n8n assets
  • Use the Versioning feature to compare different versions of your assets
  • Use the Readme feature to document each part of your stack and Tags to sort your assets

Log Management

  • Store your Logs on ncScale, with all the other logs of your stack (logs retention may vary depending on your ncScale application plan)
  • Use ncScale view to sort and filters your logs, so you can directly see what matters
  • Use predefined query to filters your logs, or easily use our autocompletion engine to create your own and personal filters


  • Be alerted whenever something that matters you happen in your stack
  • Use predefined query to set up your alerts, or easily use our autocompletion engine to create your own and personal alerts
  • Decide how you want to be alerted. By email, pinging a specific webhook, or even sending message to your slacks channels
  • Personalize your alerts output, so you can directly have the information that matters in your alert, by using autocompletion to incorporate data from the logs that are triggering the alert