How Fitness Vendor fix CRM connections bugs with ncScale

Déc 29, 2023

Challenges with monitoring

Fitness Vendor is a SaaS application for the Sports and Wellness sector that uses Bubble to develop their application. However, as this app grew in size and complexity, it became difficult to accurately track bugs. And to make it that more critical — these may be bugs that only occur once a month, but they have serious consequences, impacting both user experience and revenue for the company. Fitness Vendor was looking for a tool of monitoring.

To address this bottleneck and make sure that their Bubble app is robust and trust-worthy, Fitness Vendor opted for ncScale as the ideal solution for managing and monitoring their no-code workflows.

“The API connection errors to the CRM are not visible without implementing many time-consuming workflows. Thanks to ncScale, we were able to quickly identify and fix the problems.”

Sarah Esteve,Bubble Developer, Fitness vendor

Addressing monitoring issues

Using Bubble to develop their client-facing app was a no-brainer: it’s affordable, dynamic and offers endless possibilities. However, this comes at a cost. With Bubble, it’s impossible to be alerted as soon as a workflow has an error. The current workaround is to set up error cases for each workflow, without any guarantee that it will work . And then hope, hope that they catch the error in time. Not only that but Sarah, the developer for the company, also thought that the readability of the logs in Bubble was confusing and did not allow for precise filtering.

Sarah was not new to Bubble, so she knew its limitations. Once she came across ncScale’s monitoring feature, she could see how it was the perfect complement to any Bubble apps.

Leveraging ncScale for Monitoring

Sarah started by personalizing some views on the Monitoring tab. This allows her to track specific errors on workflows and actions after fixing them. And thanks to the deep links with Bubble, she can easily be redirected to the workflow where the issue was found. After analyzing and correcting the bug, she checks her personalized views 2 or 3 times per week to check whether the bug continues in the long term.

Another clear example is how, thanks to ncScale, she was able to see that some clients were not receiving communications from PostMark API due to a formatting issue in the email. Once she was notified and fixed this issue, she increased the deliverability.

She experienced a similar formatting issue with the Twilio API, where some text messages were not sent to the users. Fortunately, ncScale was very helpful in detecting and fixing these bugs.

Having a comprehensive view on logs

Thanks to ncScale, Sarah and the entire Fitness Vendor team were able to regain control over their Bubble app. Having a comprehensive view of logs and bugs is crucial, especially for a client-facing app like theirs. Now they can track all this in real-time and have access to a dashboard they can trust.

“2 to 3 times a week, I check for bugs on ncScale, and I verify if I encounter any recurring ones. If that’s the case, I create a view for a specific bug, fix it, and then check if it persists or not.”

Sarah Esteve, Bubble Developer, Fitness vendor

Why ncScale?

Fitness Vendor has chosen ncScale for its unique ability to monitor and troubleshoot their no-code apps. Its monitoring feature allows for a constant overview of their Bubble application and, thanks to the alerts and ticketing features, Sarah is able to stay on top of any bugs, fix them as soon as they appear.

About Sarah

Sarah Esteve is a true Bubbler. Formerly an entrepreneur, she founded her first company in 1998, and has been working in the digital sector for over 20 years. After 3 years of using Bubble, she now uses her skills to build apps for companies as a freelancer.

About Fitness Vendor

To put it simply, Fitness Vendor is a CRM tool for gyms and fitness companies around the world. The company has built a software application focused on prospecting (available on tablets). Some of their features include: steering, communication budget, target setting, etc. Their goal is to provide a dashboard for each salesperson and for each club to know exactly where they stand in their prospecting.