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Do you lack confidence in your Bubble application? Do you feel like you're missing errors that your users encounter? Are you always playing the firefighter role to fix a bug? Do you no longer remember how you built a specific feature?

ncScale is here to restore your confidence in your Bubble application by providing visibility into how the application was built and by monitoring its activity with precise alerts.


Fulltext search

With ncScale, you can search for specific URLs, API calls, variables, emails, bearers, or tokens within your Bubble application. This helps you locate where these elements are used in your workflows or content.

Dependencies search

With ncScale, you can search for specific Make or Zapier Webhooks, Airtable fields, Typeform URLs, or Calendly links in your Bubble application to find dependencies using these tools.

Easily share deep links to workflows

ncScale provides deep links to workflows in the Bubble Editor. This feature helps you explain specific features to your team by directly navigating them to the relevant workflow.

Group items by features using tags

You can write a readme for each feature of your app and tag various items within your app based on their features. This allows you to group related items together and provide documentation through readmes. Additionally, you can embed a Miro board if needed.

History of changes (🔜)

ncScale will offer a history of changes for each item in your Bubble application, allowing you to track modifications and updates.

Sorting by last edited date (🔜)

You will be able to view and sort your items based on their last edited date.


Log storage: 30 days and more

ncScale stores all the logs from your Bubble app for 30 days, offering a longer retention period compared to Bubble's default storage.

Deployment notifications for your Bubble app

ncScale captures logs for any new pushes or deployments that have been made in the past, providing you with exclusive log data. You can use this deployment log to receive real-time alerts on Slack for any deployment.

Workflow error notifications

You can create observers for various log types, including errors (e.g., timeout errors, database timeouts, workflow errors, API depreciation), user activities (e.g., unauthorized access attempts), and workflow activities (e.g., incomplete field entries).

Feature usage analysis

ncScale allows you to monitor the usage of specific features, such as the number of clicks on a particular button per day. This helps you analyze feature adoption and identify high-resource-consuming workflows.

Log filtering and views

You can create custom views by applying filters based on conditions such as user email, workflow ID, app version, error message, and database changes. This enables you to focus on specific log data that is relevant to your analysis.

Integration with Bubble native logs

For any log entry, you can click on "Go To" and directly access the corresponding native logs in Bubble (availability depends on your Bubble plan).


ncScale provides a comprehensive security report for your Bubble application. This report helps you identify potential vulnerabilities and ensures the security of your app.

Data API Test

Data API is a very powerful Bubble feature. By activating this, you need to add Authentification or Specific Privacy Rules to avoid Data Breach.How it's tested ? Data API root URLs are Public, our tool is just testing all Get requests on all your Data types and return the count of results.In Premium Plan, if the results contains Token, Secret or email, you will be notified directly without testing by yourself.

Privacy Rules Test

Privacy Rules are key to secure your Bubble App. Without them, each time you add a Do a Search in your app, all field values, even the sensitive, are visible.How it's tested ? Our tool, by going on all your pages, even hidden or protected pages, scrap all the requests (Do a Search) to your Bubble App Database. If they contain sensitive data like Token, Secret or Email, you will be notified. In Advanced Plan, the scraping can generate requests by clicking on elements (eg : a filter for a repeating group), and soon it's will be possible to test with a user role, to be sure that's this role can access only to his data level.

Option Sets Content

There is no way to keep private the value of App's Option Sets. All the Option Sets Values are downloaded in the browser of your visitors each time the page is loaded. Keep all sensitive Data in the Database behind privacy Rules.

Private Pages List

All pages URLs of your Bubble app are public, they are loaded in the source code of all your Bubble pages. You can't keep them private, so do not let test pages in your app and clean them before pushing live. Our tool give you the public list.

Plugin & API Connector Content

Bubble is so powerful with its plugins and also the API Connector. All API Calls are public, you can't hide them. So It's important to avoid using URLs with token in.Our tool is scrapping all your API Calls with all public parameter values (header and body). You will need to check if all this data can kept public.In the Premium, as soon as it finds some suspicious content, your are notified with the suspicious element like Token, Secret or ID.

Page & Workflow Static Content

All the Static Content on your pages, even the hidden or the protected, is Public. It can be URL to a private file, a Webhook URL in a workflow, or a Secret/Token.How it's tested ? Our tool is scrapping all your pages & workflow content. As soon as it finds some suspicious content, your are notified with the suspicious element : email, token, URL, Business data.

Database Structure & Default values

There is no way to keep private the database structure, and default values, of your Bubble app. With this information, be careful when you are designing your app.

Test Scheduling

In Premium Plan you can schedule test on month basis. On Advanced Plan, you can activate an automatic daily testing if there is a new live version of your Bubble app.

By using ncScale's features, you can improve your Bubble application's documentation, security, and log management capabilities, ensuring a more reliable and secure application environment.

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