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By using ncScale's features, you can improve your Airtable documentation, list dependencies and monitor changes, ensuring more reliable and scalable databases.


Full text search in Database Schema & Automations

With ncScale, you can easily search anything within your tables, your formula, your automations. It's super helpful for locating where a URL, a variable, a webhook, a field are used throughout your database.

Table field dependencies

With ncScale, you can find the dependencies between all the elements inside and outside your Airtable. For example, if I change a formula, how will it affect my other tables? Which elements will be impacted? If I delete the column how will it affect other sheets and tables?

Readme and group Tables by tags

Readme is a file which contains the most important information about your database, sheet or a view. Make sure to create a Readme for each part of your database so that everyone has full information about it.

ncScale has a powerful text editor, which allows you to attach images, embed Miro or other diagram tools, tables, task lists, and much more.

History of changes (🔜)

ncScale will offer a history of changes for each table. However, please note that the change history will only be provided for structural modifications. Any changes made to the content will not be included in the history.

Sorting by last edited date (🔜)

You will be able to view and sort your items based on their last edited date.


Schema Change Alert

ncScale collects and stores modification logs for changes, such as when someone creates, updates, or deletes a column or table.

Specific Observer based on logs

You can create observers and be alerted based on the change logs. You can set and alert to receive notifications by Slack, email or webhook every time someone modifies critical table.

Alerting and Troubleshooting (🔜)

Be alerted as soon as something goes wrong in your automation. This feature is an excellent tool for bug tracking.

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